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Saba Adaptogens can help maintain physical and mental performance and relief from occasional stress and anxiety.*

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Adaptogens has saved me countless times from sudden anxiety from driving in Dallas traffic!!! I ALWAYS keep in my purse! I call it liquid Xanex!

Life saver

I call adaptogens my lifesavor. I struggle with anxiety the adaptpgens helps ground me without all the side effects. Makes me able to handle whatever is triggering me to be a better wife and mom. I use it as much as I need every day.


Little bottle of wonderful! We keep two bottles at home for us and our pets. My dog has weather anxiety, so when the weather is bad we give him a drop or two of the adaptogens to keep him calm. I use them to help relieve tension headaches as well as help me with my travel anxiety especially during bad traffic instances.


Saba Adaptogens, the concentrate, has been used by all of my family members plus shared with so many friends and loved ones over the last 20 years. I have seen it help in many situations by providing a steady source of low smooth energy, relieve tension which may be attributing to muscle aches or headaches, and in general provide a healthier more focused body. This is one product I will not do without.