Saba for life - SABA POMEGRANATE PLUS - (1) One 60-Ct Bottle
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SABA POMEGRANATE PLUS - (1) One 60-Ct Bottle


Saba Pomegranate Plus™ is carefully formulated with your body’s complex needs in mind. With just two capsules a day, you will fill nutritional gaps in your diet and provide your body with essential nutrients needed to function optimally.  You will get the highest-quality, essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, coenzymes, digestive enzymes, carotenoids, adaptogens, and other nutrients that are typically hard to get from the average diet. Russian scientist Dr. Israel Brekhman spent his lifetime and career studying adaptogens that prime and protect our bodies. With Saba Pomegranate Plus™, you will have Brekhman’s best work and have the best adaptogens to take your health to the next level! Saba Pomegranate Plus™ also contains a patented and clinically proved ingredient, AstaReal® - the most studied brand of astaxanthin in the world that the support of skin health, anti-aging, muscle recovery, cardiovascular function, mental clarity, brain health, and eye health.

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I'm always proactive towards my health

When I look into keeping my immune system strong, I do my research out there. Saba Pom Plus has the ingredients that I want to encourage myself to take daily. While the winters are usually the time for battling sickness; knowing I have this in my arsenal of defense keeps me going thru whatever. I find myself having a better outlook and mood feel as drs keep telling me to keep doing whatever I'm doing. :)

Improved overall healthy feeling.

I started taking this as soon as it came out. The first couple days I did not notice to much. As it built up in my system I do not go a day without it. I am feeling a lot more energetic and focused. I am not as tired and I feel a lot more healthier than I was before. This is a product you really need to have in your medicine cabinet!

my cardiac game changer

I firmly believe that by taking SABA POMEGRANATE, it has helped me in regards to my cardiac health. I had been diagnosed yrs ago with BP and had to make some life changing habits which included using this. When I visited my heart doctor, he was pleasantly surprised with the test results for me. I had little to no thickening of my heart muscle. At my age in life for me this was huge...


This is a product I make sure to never run out of! My children take a teaspoon every morning before school to keep their immune system boosted. Since taking the Saba Pom this school year, they have not had any illness related absences from school.