Saba for life - SABA COLLOIDAL SILVER - 4 OZ
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Saba’s is pharmaceutical grade Colloidal Silver+  is a must have in every household. This multi-use product comes in handy for several of life’s little accidents!*
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my little first aid kit in a bottle

I have used this for my grandson to fight an ear infection, to heal a cut finger, when feeling a cold coming on I take orally. When I saw what it did for me, this became a staple in my first aid kit.


We love this product!! We will NOT go with out it in our home!! The quality of this Colloidal Silver is THE best we have ever used!


This is a staple in my household . Are use for myself my kids and my dogs. Are use for scratches burns sore throat’s.. Just about anything! This stuff works wonders . i’ve even used it on my dogs for cuts and I’ve also used for my dogs ear infections! Clears his ears right up. Great product!


Colloidal Silver can be used for so much, We have used it for burns, scars, earaches, and so much more. We take droppers daily and then swab our noses to help keep the germs from entering our bodies. We have even used it on our cats for cuts. Speeds up the healing process on cuts/burns. I recommend this to friends/family all the time.