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Saba Co-Clenz is a special blend of herbs that help provide a natural way to balance and support proper function of the digestive system. For best results use with Digest-Eze.*

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I take this product daily. Two before bed. I love it. It helps me go to the bathroom daily, getting rid of toxins and the belly pouch!! Really helps me keep my colon on track!

A must have

Co-Clenz is one of the most effective products I have ever used. The first time I tried it, I followed the Clenz meal plan and lost NINE pounds in five days with just this product! I like to use it for a few days after I have been off track - or to kick off a new Saba 60 round or to get 'over a hump' when I have plateaued.
Co - Clenz is gentle and never puts me in a 911 situation. I seriously love it and have not been without it for nearly five years!

Very gentle

I love this product so much especially paired with the 5 Day Cleanse program. It is very gentle and doesn't leave you panicking to make it to the restroom. On days when I don't eat the greatest and feel bloated, i just take 2 of these and feel a lot better by morning.

A good mover or clean out.

I love to use my Co-clenz when I'm bloated or feeling constipated. It helps things to move more naturally, receiving the symptoms. I also use this product with doing a detox to help clean out my entire system. This helps to reboot your body.